The AirDecor project saw the light at the beginning of the new millennium when it realised the need for renewed aesthetic and quality in the ventilation world. A concept fully expressed through the cutting-edge technical expertise of our technical department combined with the vital spark of Italian Design. A combination that aims to revolutionize the approach to both style and construction, providing products that meet the most demanding furniture needs, while always bearing in mind environmental safety.

Who we are

A team of professionals follow our creations step by step, offspring of an all Italian story. The international design studio of ErvasBasilicoGirardi in Milan is the inspiration for the elegant traits of the AirDecor Design that have embraced the one of a kind patents for the unvaried airflow and the magnetic mounting system, created by our very own Thomas Bombieri. Another important element, is the close collaboration with the Giuseppe Pinna –  Studio Flipper in Verona, which aids AirDecor in communication, design, professional photo shoots and production of 3D Renders for the designers, facilitating the interaction with customers.

The commercial development is also of fundamental importance for Airdecor, the management of which for both Italy and other countries is entrusted to the competent strategies of Stefan Tannert, who has over 20 years of valuable experience in dealing with companies from many countries with Infinity Brand Solutions in Sona ( vr), leader in global sales.


The revolution put forward by our all-Italian team consists in elevating a product often given little consideration with regard to its aesthetic impact as a piece of furniture. Thanks to the work done on our patents and the constant search for the best finishes and materials, we have created a new concept of luxury for ventilation.

Why choose us

The visual impact of the interior design is conditioned by every piece of furniture, the difference is in the details!

AirDecor accompanies the stylistic choice of furniture and the colours of the rooms, even on the design.

All our products are Made in Italy and designed by designers in Milan.

The patented unvaried airflow, unique in the world, cannot block the ventilation vent respecting airflow parameters (UNI7129).

The patented magnetic mounting system allows for impeccable hygiene and the constant monitoring of condensation, as well as countering the development of contamination dangerous to our health.

Constant research into materials ensures quality and a unique strength in the world of ventilation.

Computer generated on demand to observe the visual impact of a ventilation grilles before the final production.

New projects carried out in record time: in just 20 working days we can deliver made-to-order products.

Designed and manufactured in Italy; AirDecor provide technical assistance with installation anywhere in the world upon request.

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