Design per griglie d'aerazione

“Elegance is the balance between strong emotions, perceptive surprises and the craftsmanship of our ideas”.
“Each product is an intense and incisive reciting, a heroic becoming of pleasure, harmony and meaningful shapes”.

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Classic Line

AirDecor’s vision for natural ventilation grilles present in all homes. Materials, shapes and finishes complement any surroundings with class, together with their patent, which allows for unvaried airflow, and is the only one of its kind in the world.

Contract Line

Discover the innovative made-to-order ventilation grilles with magnets for duct systems that complement any choice of furniture and reduce condensation problems present in many accommodation facilities and private homes.

Heat Line

Finally AirDecor’s designs land in the heating world. Here you’ll find ventilation grilles for fireplaces, stoves and ducts that can withstand, with unmistakable style, temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius!

Italian Design

Arriving from the design studio of ErvasBasilicoGirardi in Milan, the AirDecor ventilation grilles are shaped by Italian craftsmen, for a made in Italy without compromise. The search for the best materials and cutting-edge technical innovation complement Airdecor’s creative vision.

Simple to Install,

Easy to Clean

Thanks to the practical magnetic and recess mounting systems you can install and remove the AirDecor ventilation grilles in just a few moves, for impeccable hygiene, free from viruses and bacteria.

Airflow compliant with legal standard

Out of all the ventilation grills on the market, the AirDecor patent is the only one that allows you to respect airflow parameters. The design of the expansion chamber allows for the stated airflow to be aligned with the actual airflow, leaving the house safe as per regulation UNI 7129.

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