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Made-to-measure for anti- condensation  ventilation grille

A new era of aesthetic innovation in the ventilation world. AirDecor revolutionizes the visual impact of ventilation systems, present in any building.

From now in hotels, restaurants, boats, shops, offices and homes, may elevate the prestige of a room or of its business with exclusive AirDecor covers in stainless steel produced through laser cutting, and easily integrated into the existing system with refined style, which is never dull.

Our ventilation grilles fuse the creativity of the design studio ErvasBasilicoGirardi in Milan and AirDecor’s patented cutting-edge technology with magnetic mounting, in keeping with the designers’ style choices. A team built around the important Italian collaboration with Giuseppe Pinna – Studio Flipper in Verona.

Production cycle

The initial stage involves the interaction between the customer and our technical department to ascertain vent sizes, airflow and the speed of the system, so as to calculate the open area to leave free allowing for proper airflow as per formula.

This is quickly followed by a quotation calculated based on the choices of shapes and finishes decided by the customer, as well as those proposed by our designers. In this stage of manufacture, we offer the possibility of a high quality rendering or Photo-insertion to help the customer decide on the best option.

And like this the industrial production begins, using the latest technology, with which very precise laser cuts, perforations and engravings are made on stainless steel sheets.

Once time to apply the finish has arrived, we proceed to the choice of the final effect, including all of the following: a satin or mirror polishing, hydrographic prints, 24 carat gold or silver plating, non-toxic vegetable tanned leather upholstery, and a superb traditional or innovative painted finish obtained using a primer, two coats of varnish and a protective transparent coating resistant to acid and base attacks.

Then we are ready for delivery, which occurs from time of order in just 20 working days.

The installation is then carried out by our technicians using the mounting system designed with Neodymium magnets derived from German technology (AirDecor Patent). Installation time is quick; about 15-20 minutes per grille.

Advantages AirDecor

In addition to the well-finished aesthetic, the AirDecor grilles are presented as a shrewd choice for the designer, importantly mitigating condensation and droplets from the dew point through the use of steel, a metal whose thermal transmittance significantly reduces this age-old problem present in many systems.

Another plus is the ease of inspection and cleaning by virtue of the magnetic mounting system, allowing for daily hygiene and reducing the risks of contamination by viruses and bacteria dangerous to humans.

Another point in AirDecor’s favour is also the durability of our materials, which are always selected with the best quality in mind.

Moreover, AirDecor’s experience of more than ten years in the sector is also of fundamental importance, guaranteeing professionalism. Offering an always updated and unique range of products for natural air and heat ventilation systems, forming an ensemble of prestigious options for the“Contract” line.

And finally, it is also possible to arrange for a superb sanitizing service and a hygiene maintenance plan of the vents, thanks to the collaboration with Project Clean Group, carried out after a specially made quotation specific to each type of system, minimizing the risks posed by the contamination of Legionella and other deadly viruses.

Projects Gallery

Pietra Perla Receiving Room

The prestigious receiving room "Essenza" of PietraPerla in Sannicandro (BA) has opted for customized stainless steel ventilation grilles with magnetic coupling systems and with wave-shaped perforations to recall the waves of the beautiful sea close to the structure, integrating the excellent mechanical ventilation system proposed by Elettrotecnica of Sannicandro (BA). A special mention for the curved ventilation grilles that, as seen in the photo, complete the plenums inserted in the columns of the room. The opaque white powder coating chosen tends to merge with the luxurious environment, for a ventilation that is discreetly proposed to the eye of the patrons despite the considerable dimensions. The aspirators for the baths were also created, with a solution that includes white ABS Vanity covers (see Classic Line) with magnetic coupling systems on 160mm diameter customized stainless steel supports, powder coated. A dream environment dedicated to the most important day in the lives of many, the wedding, which saw the light thanks to the collaboration of avant-garde designers with a visionary client, where the original ideas marry the best materials as Italic tradition teaches. Airdecor warmly thanks the designers: Eng. And Arch. Sebastiano Campanelli Eng. Giacinto Casciaro Elettrotecnica snc Pietra Perla Geom. Francesco Baccellieri A.TEC. snc Eng. Francesco Di Pinto Eng. Silvano Cavallera Geol. Giuseppe Stea Eng. Leonardo Loizzo A special thanks to Gino for the sympathy and organization

Hotel Londra Palace

This luxurious hotel, dating back to 1860 and located near St. Mark's Square in Venice, has adopted two different solutions of Airdecor made-to-measure ventilation grilles. First one according the Architect Ruberti's initial design for the Hall, the restaurant and corridors but revisited with magnets to reduce condensation, with gold and white shades; the second with Venetian style design with soft shapes for the bedrooms, gold-plated finish and magnetic mounting system.

Techne offices for Group Five

In these offices of a Verona service agency, we opted for an asymmetrical waveguide solution that would accompany the waved panels horizontally present in the furnishing. These magnet mounting air grilles were then powder-painted in various colors with matte finish.

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