Diva Zebra

Main technical features

The grill consists of 3 basic elements with an innovative pressure mounting system and lateral airflow:

  • Cylindrical wall support
  •  Anti-insect net or dust filter
  • Decorative frontal cover in ABS

Diameter of wall support and sizes

Cover dimensions:   23 x 20 x 0,25 cm

Wall support diameter 100mm> Airflow 64cm2

Wall support diameter 120mm> Airflow 100cm2


Zebra effect, smooth to the touch

Field of applications

Suitable for natural or forced ventilation systems,

 not suitable for heat


The Airdecor Diva Zebra:

  • It is the interpretation of a new aesthetic philosophy
  • It is designed with lateral passages to prevent direct airflow
  • It is durable over time
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is simple to install with  innovative pressure mounting system
  • It is made by designers with a luxury finish
  • Reduces dust
  • It allows extra soundproofing
  • Respects legislation Uni 7129
  • It is made in Italy
100mm|Diva Zebra cod.DZ0411
120mm|Diva Zebra cod.DZ0817

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